Massage therapy refers to the application of various techniques to the muscular structure and soft tissues of the body. These include applying fixed or movable pressure, holding, vibration, rocking, friction, kneading and compression using primarily the hands. All of the techniques are used for the benefit of the musculoskeletal, circulatory-lymphatic, nervous and other systems of the body. In fact, massage therapy positively influences the overall health and well-being of the client.

It is very important for everyone to keep their body in good working order. This means maintaining a healthy, balanced autonomic nervous system. However, in this fast-paced modern society the body remains in a sympathetic ( "fight or flight" also known as stress) state for too long.


The body breaks down quicker than it can repair itself. Becoming sick and having to stop training for even three days can be detrimental to an athlete and their workout regiment. This also applies to anyone who can’t afford to be sick or injured. Massage provides support for the individual, not just on a physical level but on a psychological level as well.

Zane has worked as a massage therapist for five years. He studied at the New Zealand College of Massage in Auckland, graduating with a Diploma in Health Science - Therapeutic Massage in 2012.  During this time Zane has enjoyed working with a wide range of people, from body builders and athletes to office workers.

Currently Zane is studying to be a personal trainer at the New Zealand Institute of Sports, which he will complete by August 2016. This complements his work as a massage therapist and he will be qualified to help his clients correct muscle imbalances by prescribing strengthening exercises for weak muscles, and stretches to lengthen short muscles.

Zane has many personal interests, including regular weight training and nutrition. He enjoys helping others to have a positive body image, improved self–image and helping them to reach their goals.